Why You Should Take Classes at the New Milpitas Extension

The Milpitas Extension has grown so much since I joined the team as the college counselor. I remember my first day at the extension. I was greeted by a spacious parking lot, a beautiful new facility, and Vice President Jorge Escobar, who gave me a tour of the new building, and I remember seeing a lot of open space, brand new furniture (some still with plastic wrap on them), and tools left from the workers who were still completing the finishing touches to the building. Despite the facility and landscape not completely finished, classes were up and running. Spring semester was in session.

Since then, the plastic wrap has been removed from the furniture, which have been placed in their designated areas. Additionally, we now have a microwave available to use and have added more classes to our summer course schedule. More and more students are enrolling in courses and using the new space for meetings, studying, and community events. We are growing, but there is still space available for you. A couple of perks you will have as a student here are that you will definitely save money. Unlike the main campus, parking is free! In addition to that, textbooks are free of use when enrolled in a course here. You cannot beat that! Another perk is our classes do not fill up as quickly, so it is easier to get into a class or get an add code. Lastly, Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, and Counseling are easily accessible. If you have an issue that needs to be resolved, you are likely to get it resolved right then and there, even if you don’t take classes at the extension.

The Milpitas Extension is slowly becoming the campus of choice to take college courses because of these benefits. Now is your chance to take advantage of it! As the enrollment numbers grow, we plan to continue adding more courses. If you are interested in getting ahead, need a course for a general education requirement or would like to take a course for enrichment, enroll at the Milpitas Extension! Our fall schedule of courses is available to view on our website. For additional information, contact us at (408) 947-5350 or email us at milpitas.extension@sjcc.edu.

Hope to see you here!

Kathleen Melendez

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