Attention San Jose City Students!

San Jose City College now offers classes in Milpitas! This spring semester SJCC will offer 28 college classes at the Milpitas Extension that range from popular general education classes to ESL, ECE, and computer programming classes.

Please see the flyer below for a complete list of course offerings.

Why study in Milpitas? Maybe you commute through the area? Maybe you live nearby? No? Consider the many other reasons to take a class or two at the Extension!

  • Free use of textbooks and calculators

  • Free and plentiful parking

  • Free copying services

  • State of the art facilities

  • Math and English tutoring onsite

You will also find full academic and enrollment counselling services at the Extension—without the long lines. You do not need to take classes at the Extension to see a Milpitas counselor because they serve all SJCC students. Here is a partial list of services available in Milpitas.

  • Graduation Petitions (AS, AA, GE, AS-T, AA-T)

  • Certificate Petition

  • Pre-Requisite Clearance/Override

  • Challenge Forms

  • Transcript Evaluations

  • GPA Calculation

  • Multiple Measures

  • Transfer Counseling (agreements, planning)

  • College Orientation

  • Educational Plan (new, update, follow up, completed)

  • Class Selection & Advisement

  • Class Repeat Form

  • Assessment Results Review

  • Career Counseling

  • Financial Aid Counseling

  • Student Accessibility Services

We’d love to serve you this spring, so come by to check us out or call for an appointment!

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