We are pleased to bring you the Milpitas Extension’s first monthly newsletter.

Ever since we’ve opened our doors in 2017, our campus has served as a hub for evolving education and community. Through this newsletter, we hope to keep everyone aware and informed of all that is happening on our campus.

Milpitas is a great city, teeming with diversity, innovation, and creativity. It has been the perfect home for the Extension over these last few years.

I want to thank the community for embracing the idea of a college campus in Milpitas.

We have a robust schedule of college classes. (Just have a look at the Spring 2020 Schedule below!) However, at the same time, what we do at the Extension goes beyond offering courses. This facility is also a place for forwarding community education and involvement, forging new relationships, and discovering new pathways in life and career.

Thank you to the Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) for being all we could’ve ever asked for in a partner. Both MUSD and the Milpitas Extension are fully committed to the students that we serve. And we’ve been motivated to “out-serve” each other, in a way, which is partially why we’ve succeeded so well.

We hope this first newsletter gives you a taste of all the great things happening at the Extension.


Michael Mooney

Director, College Extension

San José City College - Milpitas College Extension