A Summer to Remember

Our Summer 2019 session delivered stunning results.

For the 541 college students who were served, 97% of them completed their classes, with a 90% success rate. Also, 376 high school students took at least one SJCC course, with a completion rate of 98% and a success rate of 94%; and 209 of those MHS students took 6 Math Acceleration courses at a 95% success rate.

No matter the season, our students are engaged, committed, and dedicated to the furthering of their education.

“One class was 8th graders, rising 9th graders, in an intermediate Algebra class; not one student missed one day, and every student passed. That’s a miracle during a college class in the summer,” said Extension Director Michael Mooney at the recent Joint Meeting between Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) and San Jose Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD).

Fresh statistics from the 2018-2019 academic year also offer a glimpse into just how much of an impact the Milpitas Extension has made on students and the community as a whole.

For example, over 9,177 people were served at the Extension (with some duplication). The Extension offered a total of 52 college courses, and served 1,384 college students.

The Extension also offers a host of additional services for college students, such as academic counseling, career counseling, assessment testing, zero textbook cost courses, free parking, dual enrollment, and more.

The Extension also served over 2,300 MUSD students, parents, and staff (with some duplication). Five hundred and twenty-two high school students took at least one college course.

The Extension has implemented an Early Alert process for high school students taking college classes, experimented with dual enrollment models, and successfully partnered with MUSD to offer college math classes during the summer to rising 9th graders, as a way for them to accelerate to more advanced high school math courses.

It’s also worth noting that the Extension hosted 89 MUSD events and sessions (like development days and club meetings), which served a total of 2,255 people.