Honing in on our Strategic Goals

The offerings at the Milpitas College Extension have been molded to meet the needs of not only MUSD students, but the Milpitas community as a whole. Through our current six Strategic Goals, we are blazing toward our ultimate vision of breaking institutional barriers and creating wide-open pathways for career, college, and life.

Our Team had the opportunity to present our Strategic Goals at the January 28 Joint Meeting between San Jose Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) and Milpitas Unified High School (MUSD). We are committed to developing processes and sustainable activities that will bring about effective and empowering results, which will further impact the lives of students and community members.

Our first Strategic Goal is to increase San Jose City College’s Outreach to the Milpitas Community. We’re currently preparing to presenting and tabling at upcoming events being held at the Extension, so that they have the opportunity to engage with the community, and talk about the unique opportunities that the Extension has to offer. For the first time, the Extension is now able to fulfill the Milpitas Promise and start offering spots to students at Milpitas Unified School District and Cal Hills High School. Our Promise program allows students to have the opportunity to partake in free courses for the first two years of college.

Our second Strategic Goal is to analyze the Milpitas community’s demographics, obstacles, and service gaps, which will help us to provide comprehensive student services and increase completion rates for courses, programs, and certificates. The SJCC Milpitas Extension is committed to supporting students in excelling in their education and beyond. To consistently meet their needs, we understand the importance of evolving our offerings to align with their objectives. This is why we plan to work with the Office of Research and Planning to better understand the needs of the local community and the effectiveness of the classes and programs housed at the Extension.

Our third Strategic Goal is to create a Community Calendar of Cultural Events and a Virtual Monthly Newsletter. By producing a calendar of events and preparing a monthly virtual newsletter, we plan to keep the community aware of all that is going on at the Extension, while giving them the opportunity to get engaged and involved.

Our fourth Strategic Goal is to develop pathways and create a two-year guaranteed schedule by 2021. We've already developed a two-year course schedule for dual enrollment, and plan to work with our Deans to create something similar for the regular SJCC Extension courses. This guaranteed schedule will support the success of our students, as well as provide access for greater educational opportunities.

Our fifth Strategic Goal is to open a Middle College High School by Fall of 2021. At present, we’re in the planning phase of this process. The idea is that MUSD will operate the Middle College at the Extension. MUSD has decided to focus on offering IGETC GE courses to supplemental students at an 80% / 20% rate. The next step is to create a Middle College High School Task Force, create a timeline of action, and apply to become a CDE Code Instruction School. One year from now, we expect to have our first cohort of 30 students.

And finally, our sixth Strategic Goal is based upon expanding the San Jose City College class offerings, programs, and certificates available at the Extension. Our unique and vibrant space offers a wealth of opportunities that we have yet to fully tap. We need more classes in order to attract more students, particularly Milpitas students who are attending Mission and Ohlone community colleges.

As we continue to hone in on these six Strategic Goals, we’re confident that the SJCC Milpitas Extension will continue evolving and serving the community by offering educational opportunities, events, and experiences that make a lasting impact on the lives of students.