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Looking Back at the Extension's January Events

Right at the start of 2020, the Milpitas Extension was already bustling with activity.

Aside from the many courses happening, here is a look at all of the events that took place at the Extension in January:

1/2/20 MHS Creative Writing Class

1/4/20 Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association Candidate's Forum

1/6/20 MHS Creative Writing Class

1/7/20 Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association Meeting

1/8/20 MUSD Empowering the Parents of African American Ancestry

1/8/20 MAGIC Kick Off Meeting (Coding for Girls)

1/9/20 MCEE's Candidates Forum

1/10/20 SHNA Candidates Forum

1/11/20 Sunnyhills Breakfast & Candidates Forum

1/11/20 Interact 5170's District Council Meeting

1/11/20 Family Financial Workshop - Sponsored by Patelco & MHS

1/13/20 MUSD School Design Teams

1/14/20 MUSD School Design Teams

1/15/20 MUSD School Design Teams

1/15/20 MHS Travel and Tourism Academy

1/15/20 Kidango Seeds Training

1/16/20 Rancho Science Dept. Training

1/17/20 Coder Dojo

1/18/20 BATA Color of Code

1/22/20 Silicon Valley Mathematics Institute

1/22/20 MCEE SAT Test Prep Class

1/22/20 Sunny Hills Neighborhood Meeting

1/23/20 MUSD Community Collaborative

1/23/20 MCEE Community Conversations

1/24/20 MUSD Student Services Meeting

1/24/20 MCEE Excel SAT Test Prep Class

1/25/20 BATA Color of Code

1/29/20 MCEE Excel SAT Test Prep Class

1/30/20 MUSD SEL Pilot Group

1/30/20 American Math Competitions

1/30/20 MUSD Testing

1/30/20 MHS MXR's Camp Mecanum Robotics

1/30/20 Color Me Community

1/31/20 SJCC Math Retreat

1/31/20 Coder Dojo

1/31/20 Stallion Science

1/31/20 MCEE Excel SAT Test Prep Class