Our Valued Partnership with MCEE

The Milpitas Community Educational Endowment (MCEE) is an organization dedicated to encouraging community involvement in Milpitas’ public schools, as well as raising funds for increasing educational opportunities for students throughout the district. One of our valued partners, MCEE, has been using the Extension space to host a series of engaging events and programs.

Last September, MCEE hosted a 2nd annual Mid Autumn Festival. This event served as a celebration of “the harvest,” which is recognized across many cultures. It was an opportunity for community members to come out and enjoy arts and crafts, exhibits, talks, and food. Representatives from 100 Dance Company, the Fremont Chinese School, Pacific Music Association, Starlight Group, and MUSD parent Ana Naranjo’s Hispanic dance group delighted audiences with spirited performances.

MCEE is already planning the next event, which will most likely happen at the Extension in September or early October, 2020.

"The extension has provided the community with a hub for learning...from traditional classes, hands on learning, food-for-thought conversations, to experiential learning through labs, events, and community gatherings,” said Rob Jung, Founder of MCEE. "It has become truly part of the community, as it should. And I look forward to seeing it continue and even expand in that role.”

Also, during the 2018-2019 school year, MCEE hosted a successful 6th Annual STEAM showcase at the Extension. It happened on March 9, 2019. With over 240 students participating from every single school in the Milpitas Unified School District, the event was quite a hit. Students involved in the showcase represented every grade level, from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. And over 600 people came out to witness all the hard work and innovation that went into projects spanning robotics, programming, experiments, games illustrating STEAM concepts, and art integrated/inspired technology.

Distinguished guests included Assemblyman Kansen Chu, Mayor Rich Tran, then-MUSD Board President Chris Norwood (now Vice President), then-MUSD Board VP Hon Lien (now President), Superintendent Cheryl Jordan, Assistant Superintendent Norma Rodriguez, Assistant Superintendent Jonathan Brunson, and former Sunnyvale Mayor Otto Lee.

The 7th Annual STEAM showcase will be held at the Milpitas Extension on Saturday, March 14, starting at 9am for the public.