The Color of Code Matters

As we move toward the future, we increasingly find that digital literacy matters. It matters in a world that is constantly seeking to innovate, evolve, and break boundaries. It matters to our youth, who will be the changemakers that will forge new paths to places we once never dreamed were possible.

As a dedicated partner of the Color of Code program, the SJCC Milpitas Extension hopes to bring inclusivity to the world of coding, and to inspire future generations to explore new ideas and cultivate technical know-how.

The newest session of the Color of Code program started on January 18.

Designed to spark an understanding of digital literacy and computer programming, Color of Code has been taught to elementary school-aged students at the SJCC Milpitas Extension for the past couple of years.

The most recent program offers students from 4th-6th grades, ages 9-12, the opportunity to become more fluent in computational thinking in a fun, experiential way. One of Color of Code’s main purposes is to provide free learning opportunities for underserved students, ones with no coding experience. As a collaborative effort between the College Board, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, Bay Area Tutoring Association, and the Milpitas Extension, Color of Code has served about 150 elementary school-aged students from the Milpitas Unified School District.

The maximum enrollment is 25 students per session. In past cohorts, students had to attend all 6 sessions of the series in order to be guaranteed a spot. However, this year, students are able to choose which sessions they’d like to attend. That way, the opportunity is open to more students, such as those who are interested in sitting in for just 1 or 2 classes.

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