Student Havi Le on continuation of CoderDojo and Stallion Science programs

An Interview with Student Havi Le on CoderDojo and Stallion Science programs

Havi Le, a Junior at Milpitas High School, is one of the leaders responsible for running the CoderDojo and Stallion Science after-school programs at the SJCC Milpitas Extension. These programs offer learning opportunities in computer science, coding, and scientific experiments to students from various elementary, middle, and high schools. However, due to the pandemic, they were cut short. In this interview, Le speaks about plans to resume the programs in the summer, and what it has been like to be a part of the SJCC Extension community.

What has it been like for you with sheltering in place?

By now, I am used to my routine being sheltered in place. I come from a large family with 5 siblings. So with everyone at home, it can get loud and crazy at times. Even so, I’m grateful that my family and loved ones are safe, and I hope that everyone is safe as well.

Have the Stallion Science/CoderDojo programs been able to continue virtually? If so, what does that look like?

Stallion Science and CoderDojo Spring Session have been cut short due to COVID-19. However, I have plans to continue CoderDojo and Stallion Science virtually over the summer.

For CoderDojo, I plan to teach Scratch virtually. Stallion Science focuses on science experiments which are difficult to do virtually. Instead, I plan to teach science concepts and have interactive quizzing games and discussions. Parents and students can expect to receive an update mid-May!

What makes the Milpitas Extension a unique community?

I am absolutely blessed and amazed to be part of the Milpitas Extension community. First off, the Milpitas Extension Team/Staff are so supportive and welcoming towards students and encourage them to utilize the space. When I first met Michael Money over the summer, I saw that he was running the facility; and I asked him if I could use a room to host CoderDojo and Stallion Science. He was so ecstatic and welcoming.

Second is that all the students, parents, and high school volunteers know each other so well, and when I saw them each week, it made me feel like we were one big family. Our program continues to grow through word-of-mouth, where parents see their kids enjoying our program and they tell their friends. Also, Stallion Science and CoderDojo is different from school. There is such a large number of kids from different schools and districts, so students are learning with new students. Also, I focused on project-based learning. The program is very interactive. I strived to create a fun environment where kids are there because they choose to be, and so the energy is always lively.

Anything else you want to share?

Due to COVID-19, many summer camps and activities are canceled, so I’m motivated to bring CoderDojo and Stallion Science virtually so that students have the opportunity to learn and interact with their friends over the summer.