What's New at the Milpitas Extension

Although our Milpitas Extension facility has been closed since mid-March, and will stay that way throughout the summer, we're continuing to move forward and further our vision of providing new academic pathways while enhancing students' educational journeys.

At our most recent Town Hall, which took place virtually, we held a joint session between San Jose City College (SJCC) and Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD). During this meeting, we discussed all of the latest Extension happenings - and we're thrilled to now share a brief overview here. Our community remains strong, focused, and committed to offering opportunities to students, especially during these challenging times.

History 17B

We're beyond excited about our summer programs that we're working on in collaboration with MUSD. This summer, we have 4 dedicated sections of History 17B. In the past, this course has usually had between 80-100 students participating; this year the number of enrolled students has increased to about 200. We're fortunate to have Professors Leslie Corona and Khalid White available to teach these classes.

Summer Math Acceleration Jam

In July, the Extension is also hosting a Summer Math Acceleration Jam. Two hundred students have already registered for the intensive 4-week experience, which will help them to develop and hone their math skills. The program will happen virtually over 13 days. Each day will go for 5 hours. We'll have 40 students per class, along with 1 professor and 4 peer tutors.

This unique experience will be student-led, with professors teaching part of the time and peer tutors working with small groups of students. Although there will be homework, it won't be graded. This program offers an exciting opportunity for students to take control of their own learning. It's a new model that has never been applied before, either in Milpitas or at the college. Oh, and did we mention that both the course itself and the textbook are free of charge?

Middle College High School and Dual Enrollment

Our collaborations with MUSD have led to the formation of exciting opportunities that will undoubtedly make an impact on the futures of our students. We want the pathways we offer to support students in achieving success in their education and their future careers.

Two of those pathways are Middle College High School and Dual Enrollment. For Middle College, we've established a task force that has been meeting regularly since April, laying the foundation for creating an innovative academic opportunity here in Milpitas.

Both Dual Enrollment and Middle College High School have an 80/20 split. That means 80% of those we recruit will be at-opportunity students. And we are dedicated to ensuring that all of these programs fit the students we're dedicated to serving.

Milpitas Promise Program

Currently, our Milpitas Promise program has eight Milpitas High School students involved. As the program exists to support underrepresented students, it offers free tuition and no-cost textbooks. Students also have additional support systems, like counseling and co-horting, which they're able to use should they need to.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

Starting with the 2020-2021 academic year, Milpitas students will also have access to pursuing our IGETC pathway. Structured as a two-year pathway to providing more access to college to our high school students, IGETC-approved courses have credits that are automatically transferable to UC and CSU campuses. This means that students get the opportunity to have fulfilled a full year of college, all while they're in high school.

Ensuring Health and Safety

As our team works throughout the summer, we will be making plans to ensure that at the Extension, we are creating safe, healthy spaces for our students, so that they have an anchor during these rapidly changing times, and are able to focus on their education and growth.

At present, it appears that students will not be allowed back at campus throughout the Summer and Fall Semesters; however, we will keep you posted if anything changes.

San Jose City College has been undergoing deep cleanings of all classrooms and office spaces to help ensure all visitors' safety and health. You can rest assured that the Extension will be cleaned, sanitized, and ready for any future reopening. We are unsure of when we will be able to open the space to the public, and will be closely monitoring what is happening on the County and State levels.

If classes do start in some form at the high school this Fall, we're considering the possibility of sponsoring a Study Hub, and opening up the Extension -with all social distancing and cleanliness standards in place -so that students have a place to go for studying.

Community Programs

As community programs have consistently been one of the hallmarks of the Milpitas Extension, we're hosting three such programs over the summer…

One of them is the Color of Code, which we've held over the last few years in-person. This will be our first time presenting it as a virtual experience. It's open to any students who want to learn how to code; both elementary and advanced sessions will be available.

We're also going to be hosting CRAM, a program whereby we connect with MUSD athletes and talk to them about how to get into college; we'll be running two virtual CRAM sessions this summer.

We’re also partnering with the Second Harvest Food Distribution, and distributing groceries over two Saturdays a month in our parking lot. This will provide food for about 700 families per month.

We’re excited about bringing more opportunities to our students and providing them with chances to grow, innovate, learn, and create success.

And finally: We wish to express our steadfast support of the Black community. Our SJCC community, both at the main campus and here in Milpitas, has always strived to do its part in promoting social justice and ensuring equity in education. There is no place for racism across our campuses. And we will always work to support, listen to, and empower our BIPOC students in every way we can.