SJCC’s Milpitas Extension is proud to maintain a robust partnership with Milpitas High School. One of the fruits of this partnership is the dual enrollment program, which allows high school students the opportunity to take up to two college classes each semester during their regular school day. These classes are part of a two-year IGETC pathway, which could lead to a student graduating with a full year of college transferable courses if they enter the program by junior year. Courses count for both high school graduation and college credit.

The first cohort of Fall 2020 will consist of between 30-35 11th-grade students.

We hope to make more pathways like this one possible in the future. At present, this dual enrollment program is truly laying the groundwork for the launch of our Middle College High School, which will open in the Fall of 2021.

Dual enrollment participants, including those who are underrepresented in higher education, often do as well as or better than their non-dual enrollment peers in the following areas:

  • High school graduation rates (Kirst, Venezia, & Nodine, 2009; Rodriguez, Hughes, & Belfield, 2012)

  • High school Grade Point Average (The Colorado Department of Higher Education & the Colorado Department of Education, 2013; Karp, Calcagno, Hughes, Jeong, & Bailey, 2007)

  • High school retention and on-time graduation (Kirst, Venezia, & Nodine, 2009)

  • Proficiency on state assessments (Kirst, Venezia, & Nodine, 2009)

  • College grades and credit accrual (Karp, 2013)

  • Community college enrollment (Speroni, 2011)